History of Leather

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Practical and Prehistoric

Throughout the ages, leather has proved to be a staple of human life. Due to its resistance to wind and abrasion, mankind has made excellent use of this durable by-product since prehistoric times. Archaeologists believe the first recorded uses of leather date as far back as 5000 B.C. Civilizations like The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used innovative ways to create and preserve animal hide. Not only did leather provide protection against harsh climates, it was an ideal material used for clothing, footwear, military equipment, furniture, tools, currency, and even books. Artisans would create decorated objects using leather that reflected cultural patterns and fashions of their time.

Preservation and Durability

Civilizations all over the world found new ways to preserve and improve durability of animal hide through a process called tanning. Although the Greeks are credited for developing the first tanning formula, using tree barks and leaves soaked in water, it has long been speculated that Ancient Hebrews were the ones to pass this method of vegetable tanning from father to son. As societies developed and became increasingly more sophisticated, the demand for leather skyrocketed for different industries--such as motor vehicles, machinery, fashion, and upholstery.


During the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century a new method of tanning was discovered that eliminated the preparation process used in traditional vegetable tanning, by using chromium. Chrome tanning streamlined manufacturing and is still a process used in modern times.

Designers throughout history have used leather much the same way as they would cloth. From its use in outerwear and sportswear, to the most elaborate evening-wear, designers and artists have appreciated the uniqueness of leather. Together, tanners and designers all over the world work together to create new production techniques to further advance leathers place in the fashion industry. Stamping, embossing, pleating, printing, flocking, and embroidery are some of the techniques designers use to make leather skins even more spectacular.

Fashion & Design

Today, many artisans specialize in custom, one-of-a-kind works. The Anat Marin Leather Collection only includes the finest high-quality leather, that is soft and luxurious. Anat's keen eye for detail and unique touch, ensure her product provides the sophistication and comfort that men and women look for, just as our ancestors did many years ago.


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