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About Anat Marin

About Anat Marin

Anat Marin was born and raised in Israel and moved to the U.S in 1990.  After a long successful career as an interior designer, Anat initially started developing exotic leather bags for herself. The amazing reaction she had received inspired her to venture into wholesale and create her own line of handbags and accessories such as exotic belts, wallets, cuff and more in 2004. Anat's sense of style paired with her extensive knowledge of life style products has played a key role in creating high-quality timeless items.

The Anat Marin Leather Collection defines unique and beautiful designs specially hand crafted for women and men. A collection of traditional and innovative designs reinvented with new shapes and colors that bring a crisp and edgy sophistication. Always using the finest and luxurious leathers, exotic skins and materials while never compromising style and comfort. Various exotic leather handbags feature signature details, customized hardware, unique stones and handcrafted stitching.

The Anat Marin boutique opened in Calabasas in July 2012. The boutique has created a buzz in the community as the unique store to watch.  In addition to alligator, ostrich, stingray, crocodile bags and accessories, the boutique has an eclectic vibe with Anat’s one of a kind sculptures adorning the high ceiling walls as well the massive handmade leather framed mirrors and candle holders.

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