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Wanderlust Inspired Design: Five Must Have Travel Bags

Anat Marin has revolutionized the leather travel bags by merging long-standing and durable leather bags with timeless trends. As a leather indie designer with extensive experience in soft leather, exotic leather, and faux leather, Marin will make you realize that there is fashion you want, but then there is fashion that you truly need. All travel bags are 25% off

Bag-pack essentials

Why should you compromise on what you can bring with you on a day out? With the Caserta backpack, you can comfortably pack your essential in style. This dual strap, crocodile leather cognac backpack comes with two front pockets and a secure flap. Pair the bright summer tones with your new and improved soft leather accessory fit for both men and women in the casual and elegant look.


The Redefined Fanny Pack: Granada

Anat Marin recreates the fanny pack with the iconic Granada Belt available in three different colors. This soft leather accessory is a secure and stylish addition to any man's or woman's wardrobe. Revel in a look fit for a hike or a day of errands. As a two in one look, any adventurer can remove the leather bag and only wear the quality soft leather belt. Which color would you wear?


Florence: Structured Backpack

The perfect summer gift is the one and only Florence single-sleeve backpack. This structured soft leather handbag is a studded leather look for the vibrant adventurer that aims for comfort and style.

Whether Florence is a gift for yourself or for someone who is close to you, trust this design as the perfect reminder to celebrate everyday.

Florence is now available in multiple colors


Business Casual: Cross Body Bag

What defines a professional look? Is it the bland corporate design? Or is it the daring composition of confidence an boldness. Marin invites 2021 entrepreneurs to celebrate success with the ultimate crossbody look: Lyon.


Book That Flight: International Travel Bag

Padua is the international travel bag. This soft leather bag is a durable substitute for cheap suitcases that tear mid-trip (because we have all been there). Anat Marin's trustworthy leather brand will give you the security to explore new venues. With an international brand, you are destined to turn heads with Anat Marin's latest look.


Style, quality, and originality are the core values of Anat Marin's travel series.

Contact Anat Marin if you have any additional questions.


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